A Season of Growth

As I'm sitting here on my back porch enjoying the warmth of the sun and the gentle breeze, I'm thanking God for all of this beauty that I am surrounded by.  I love hearing the birds and watching the squirrels chase each other up and down the trees in our yard.  I'm grateful in Tennessee we get to experience all four seasons.  Fall has always been my favorite, but right up there with fall is spring!  I love the sounds and smells that spring brings.  It may have just snowed but I can see growth springing up out of the ground.  Seriously, after our big snow storm here in January that shut everything down in our town for a week, I was outside walking around and I could see my daffodils and iris' coming out of the ground that had just been covered by snow and ice.  There is something so rewarding and refreshing about seeing growth happen after a long cold season.   In life, we all experience different seasons as well.  I would say for me right now I'm in a season of gr

Mrs. Noah

So how many of you are like me and have heard the story of Noah's Ark over and over as a child and even as an adult? How many times when you have read that story has Mrs. Noah ever been mentioned? Not very many times but I think her role plays an important part! We know there is a Mrs. Noah because it says in Genesis 6:18 "I will confirm my covenant with you. So enter the boat-you and your wife and your sons and their wives." The girls and I are studying the women of the Bible right now. I can't help but wonder how Mrs. Noah must of felt. Her husband got a message from the Lord to build a boat, a huge boat, not to mention that it had never rained before. This was not a little task written on a "honey do list" this took at least a hundred years to build. I can only imagine what the neighbors must have said, "that old man Noah is out of his mind", yet even though others thought they were crazy, Mrs. Noah stood by her husband and supported him

Back to School

It is hard to believe that it is already time to start back to school. This year school for us looks a little different! For those of you who don't know, Jeremy and I decided that we would home school this year. I know some of you are reading this and saying what?!?!? That is pretty much what I said. I believe it was back in March that we started praying about whether or not we should home school. I have learned never say "never" so I suppose I didn't really use the word "never" when I talked about homeschooling, but I am pretty sure I did say things like, "I don't think I could ever do that, I have no patience or I can't imagine being home all day with my kids". It has been amazing to see how God has transformed both Jeremy's and my heart as we prayed about this. Honestly when I first even mentioned it to Jeremy I felt sick, wondering how in the world can I do this and over time as we continued to pray I actually started to get excit


What seemed like so long away is about to happen. Jeremy and I have prayed many different times during our married life about planting a church. We never sensed that God was calling us to do that for whatever reason, but the desire always remained with us. Then last April of 2009 we started sensing God calling us to planting. This time was different as we talked about it and began to pray, God started speaking to us in a very loud voice. Honestly at times it was quite overwhelming. There were times when we sensed God leading us and we were quite frankly scared because we really had no clue what was all involved. Then there were times that we were so overwhelmed by God's leading that we wept. A friend of mine gave me a journal at the beginning of this journey and I wish I had kept up better with it. It has been so amazing to see God at work all around us. From selling our house twice in a market that was not selling houses to raising support in an economy where the unempl

A trip to Chicago!

In case you are wondering, I have skipped blogging for the months of Jan-May. I am hoping to go back and catch up on those too, but I was trying to get some more current stuff on here. Just about every week my to-do list contains blogging, but I guess there just aren't enough hours in the day for me to get everything done on my list. Now that the girls are back in school and all 3 of them are in school now, we will see if I can get this up to date. While we were home this summer for a couple of weeks. We took a day and just our family went to Chicago. Of course the first stop we had to make was at the American Girl store since the girls had been saving their money for the last several months so they could get a doll. What a good dad....willing to take his girls to their favorite store. Marissa with her doll Ivy.... After lunch we took a carriage ride around downtown Chicago and out on Lake Shore Drive, it was beautiful!! We happened to go to Chicago on our Anniversary. Can&

Father's Day

Jeremy preached at Dyer United Methodist on Father's Day this year. This is where we served when we were first married. It was like a family reunion so good to see everyone! After church we were able to go out to lunch with both of our to celebrate Father's Day! After lunch the guys were all able to enjoy a round of golf! I took this picture of me and the girls since we were all matching with our black and white outfits!

Visiting with Friends and Family in Indiana

Jeremy sitting and visiting with his Grandma..... One night it was actually cool enough to have a camp fire, my kids were cold and asking if I packed a pair of pants for them. Don't think we will be having any camp fires until possibly November around here. Cousins sleepover.....those are always fun!!!! On our way home we were able to stop in Indy and see my best friend Vicki. We have been best friends since high school. It was quite a sunny morning, I think we were all facing the sun which is why most of us aren't looking or have our eyes closed. So good to see them!!! Hanging out waiting for the fireworks to begin! When these two get along it is very sweet!!! My mom really wanted to take a family picture of us all, not sure if we got the best shot, but we tried! We had lots of fun at home with our families!